Art as Reflector, Storyteller, Kevin Cruz '18 explores his passion with art

By: Aditya Bhardwaj ’20,  Cornell Research
January 7, 2018

Kevin Cruz ’18 describes the underpinnings of his passion for art as an “accumulation of coincidences.” Living in an over-saturated school district in Los Angeles, California, Cruz was given the chance to transfer to a high school, in an adjacent district, focused on art. Once there, he immersed himself in the Los Angeles graffiti scene and eventually started perceiving art as a language through which he could simultaneously explore his identity as well as shape it.

Issues of identity have always fascinated Cruz; in fact, he chose Cornell over stand-alone art schools due to the opportunities he felt he’d have to take courses in political studies outside of the core art curriculum. “I don’t see myself as somebody who can find inspiration by ruminating alone in my studio; I find myself constantly influenced by events around me and have a keen interest in the confluence of politics and art. Cornell was a great option, in that it allowed me to engage with a variety of my passions.” Full story.

Picture of Kevin Cruz's art work