CLAA, LSP, LSSO hosts second virtual Latinx career panel

July 23, 2020

On July 22, 2020, the Cornell Latino Alumni Association(CLAA) in collaboration with Latina/o Studies program, and Latinx Student Success Office hosted their second virtual career panel, La Vida Despues de Cornell: The Alumni Journey that brought more than 30 alumni, students and staff together. 
The virtual event began with a welcome from Cornell alum and moderator of the event, Adrienne Martinez '01 followed by panelist introductions. Topics included finding jobs after college, getting a job during a pandemic, changing career paths, and knowing what one wants to do after graduation.

Dan Domenech '92 provided tips for interviews and recommended "having confidence during an interview." Dr. Jessica Solis Sloan '07 mentioned the importance of saying no to create a work and life balance. She also acknowledged how prevalent imposter syndrome is in our communities and how important it is for us to recognize it. Having a core support group was advice the panelists gave along with making sure to define success in your own terms."You need to be able to envision what success looks like for you and recognize that failure is nothing more than an opportunity to grow and reflect" added Wendy Cortes '94.  Neither Cortes and Flores had a straight path after college. It was important for them to remain persistent and have a support group. Mentoring was extremely important for Theresa, and she noted how Dr. Turner and Professor Velez were instrumental to her path and were great mentors. A key piece of advice that Theresa provided, and the panelists echoed, pertained to networking and making connections. As Cornellians, we all want to help each other.

If there wasn't a panelist that met your field of interest, please look into a resource such as CUeLinks, which can be used to network or ask alumni for advice on trying to navigate career changes or life.

If you did not get a chance to attend, access the recording of the event here.