Latino Heritage Month 2018 Cine con Cultura Film Festival

By: Marti Dense, Latina/o Studies, 
September 13, 2018

Each fall during Latinx Heritage Month, film lovers of all ages gather in Ithaca for upstate New York's premiere Cine con Cultura Film Festival.

The 2018 festival marks our fifth annual celebration of Latino/Latin American filmmakers that includes eight critically-acclaimed award-winning films from seven countries ranging from feature-length films to documentaries to a Q&A with filmmaker Carlos Rossini on October 11, 2018. Some films are new, some are from a few years ago, and all provide a different glimpse into life throughout Latin America.

In addition to our longtime partner Cinemapolis, we are teaming up with Ithaca College, the Multicultural Resource Center, and Cornell Cinema to host selected screenings. This year's festival starts September 18 through October 14, 2018. For up to to date schedule please visit our Facebook page and our web site.

About ¡CULTURA! Ithaca: The ¡CULTURA! Ithaca! program aims to provide and strives to foster and share Latina/o & Latin American culture with the Tompkins County community through free and low-cost arts and education experiences.  Community members, professors. and students bring events into the community and build connections to its exciting and diverse Latinx roots that explore different Latina/o cultures through storytelling, music, film, dance, art, theater and more.

¡CULTURA! Ithaca! also provides programming that focuses on civic engagement and education on subjects like finances, health, legal issues and more. CULTURA's downtown office, located in the Tompkins County Workers Center on the 2nd Floor of Autumn Leaves Used Bookstore on the Commons, acts as a resource center and gathering space for Latin@s and amig@s to come together. It is also the site of the Cafe con CULTURA coffee and Spanish conversation hour.

We are grateful to our partners whose generous support made our festival possible. This year's festival was made possible by a grant from the Tompkins County Tourism Program and Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County and generous support from ¡CULTURA! Ithaca!, The Latino Civic Association of Tompkins County, Cinemapolis, Multicultural Resource Center, and Central New York Humanities Cooridor.

A special thank you to Latina/o Studies Program, Latin American Studies Program, Department of Romance Studies, Society for the Humanities, Department of Government, Cornell Cinema and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Cornell University; and to the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Office of the Dean of Humanities and Sciences, Latin American Studies Program, Center for LGBT Education, Outreach & Services, Office of International Programs, FLEFF, Department of Politics, and Department of History at Ithaca College for their support in making this year's festival possible. 

Latino Heritage Month 2018