Silent Art Auction proceeds support the Cornell Dream Team and Tompkins County Latino Civic Association

By: Karen Loya '19, Latina/o Student Success Office intern, 
November 12, 2017

The Latina/o Studies Program would like to extend a thank you to all that participated in the organization of the Silent Art Auction! All proceeds from the auction went to the Cornell Dream Team and the Tompkins County Latino Civic Association.

The winning bidders were Calicia Mullings ‘98, Mario Rivera ‘82, Anne DiGiacomo ‘80, Sergio Garcia-Rios, Professor, Latina/o Studies/Government at Cornell, Debra Castillo, Director of the Latina/o Studies Program and Professor of Comparative Literature at Cornell, and Catherine Ramirez, Residential Hall Director of the Latino Living Center.

Between September 15th  and October 21st the artwork was on display at the Latina/o Studies Program located on the 4th floor of Rockefeller Hall. A total of $985 was raised.

In light of the rescission of DACA, Hurricane Maria devastating Puerto Rico, the powerful earthquakes in Mexico, and the devastation that Hurrican Harvey caused in Texas, the Latina/o Studies Program in collaboration with Kevin Cruz '18 decided to organize a silent art auction and donate the funds to organizations dedicated to serving the Latinx and undocumented communities.

This initiative was a coordinated effort between the LSP and Kevin Cruz ‘18, a Fine Arts/American Studies major and Latina/o Studies minor. Having participated in four other silent auctions, Kevin was eager to donate his work and encouraged that the proceeds be donated to the mentioned organizations.

“[The pieces] are at the later stages of my undergraduate career work so they’re much more complex in terms of technique. I thought these had the best chances of raising the most amount of money.”

Three of Kevin’s pieces are a part of a larger series, Prey-Predator (2016), that explore the mass gentrification overtaking his community back home in Koreatown, Los Angeles, California. The final piece, Mr. 213 (2017), deals with the stigma imposed upon “cholos” in his community and has become a colorful “stand-in for all the cholos that [he] know[s] back home.”

Kevin expressed his deep gratitude for everyone that participated in the silent auction, and highlighted his hope for another fundraiser.

“It would be nice if we’re able to have another silent auction, to raise funds for these kinds of things. I would definitely be willing to donate again even after I graduate.”

Picture of silent auction artwork