Corinna Noel



Corinna Noel, PhD is a Lecturer in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University. She works with the Dietetics Internship program and advises students through community-based nutrition research projects. Corinna has a background in statistics, food science, nutrition, epidemiology, and applied public health. Her research has spanned from investigating the taste system as a driver of food choice to examining the influence of diet and lifestyle factors on cardiovascular disease to evaluating public health programs aiming to reduce local health disparities. Prior to joining the faculty at Cornell, Corinna taught a course at Chongqing University in China, focusing on child development from a public health perspective. At Cornell, Corinna teaches NS 6350 as part of the Dietetics Internship. This course introduces the paradigms, concepts, methods, and issues involved in community nutrition research. Students design and conduct individual research projects to inform community nutrition programs. Lectures, readings, and class discussion support students as they conduct their research activities. Corinna is currently working as the county epidemiologist on a community opioid overdose prevention initiative in Cayuga County, NY.