Undergraduate Minor Course Distribution

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This list is used to identify which category (i.e. Humanities, Social Science, or elective) Latina/o Studies courses fall into for the Latina/o Studies undergraduate minor. Not all courses offered each semester/year. 

The undergraduate minor is earned upon the completion of five courses (a minimum of 15 credits) in Latina/o Studies, including one of the introductory courses. Students are welcome to count more than one of the introductory courses towards the five-course minimum:

Students are welcome to create a selection of courses that would best suit their interests but must take at least one of these introductory courses:
• LSP 2010 Latinos in the United States (Spring, cross listed with DSOC 2650, SOC 2650, AMST 2655)
• LSP 2100 Introduction to Latina/o/x Studies (crosslisted with AMST 2106)
• LSP 1802 Introduction to Latinos in US History (crosslisted with HIST 1802, AMST 1802)
• LSP 2720 Introduction to Latina/o/x Performance (crosslisted with PMA 2720)

Group I: Humanities

LSP 1321 (also MUSIC 1321): Music of Mexico and the Mexican Diaspora
LSP 2250 (also HIST/AMST/LATA 2250): US Mexico Border
LSP 2300/4300: Cultures and Communities
LSP 2320 (also MUSIC 2320): Latino Music in the US
LSP 2400 (also ENGL 2400/AMST 2401):  Intro to Latina/o Literature
LSP 2770 (also AMST 2770, ASRC 2770, ENGL 2770): Representing Racial Encounters/Encountering Racial Representations
LSP 3010 (also LATA/COML 3010): Latino Theatre Production
LSP 3250 (also MUSIC 3250): Culture and Representation in the Borderlands
LSP 3401 (also FGSS 3400): Intersections of Feminist Theory and Practice: Migrant Families in Detention
LSP 3470 (also AMST 3475, ASRC 3470, LATA 3470, SPAN 3470): Nueva York: Caribbean Urbanisms
LSP 3566 (also ARTH 3566): Art and Architecture of the Pre-Columbian Americas
LSP 3672 (also ENGL 3672; ARTH 3670): Visualizing el Barrio: Interpreting and Documenting East Harlem's Mural Tradition
LSP 3680 (also ENGL 3680/LATA 3681: Telling to Live: Critical Examinations of Testimonio
LSP 3685 (also ENGL 3685): Growing up Latin@
LSP 3754 (also PMA 3754, AMST 3754, FGSS 3754, ENGL 3954) Spoken Word, Hip-Hop Theater, and Politics of Performance
LSP 3800 (also HIST 3800; AMST 3830): Latinos in US History
LSP 3980 (also ENGL/FGSS 3980; AMST 3981): Latino/a Popular Cultural Practices
LSP 4256/6256 (also HIST 4256/6256): The U.S. Mexico Borderlands
LSP 4260/7260 (also MUSIC 4260/7260): Global Performance
LSP 4339/6339 (also COML 6339/FGSS 4339/6339): Bodies at the Border
LSP 4350/7350 (also MUSIC 4350/7350): Culture and Representation in the Borderlands
LSP 4369/6349 (also COML 4369): Performing Latinidades
LSP 4565 (also ENGL/LATA 4565): Traffic: Drugs, Bodies, Books
LSP 4578 (also ENGL/FGSS/AMST 4578): Border Bodies: Critical Investigations into 21st Century Body Politics
LSP 4620 (also ENGL 4620): Building A Verbal-Visual Movement: Chicana/o & U.S. Latino/a Art Stories
LSP 4635 (also ENGL 4635): Art! Poetry! Power!
LSP 4677 (also ENGL/AMST 4677): Reading and Seeing Immigration
LSP 4701/6701 (also PMA 4701/6701): Nightlife
LSP 6565 (also ENGL 6565): Decolonial Poetics & Aesthetics: A genealogy of Chicana/o, Latina/o and Indigena/o Theorization
LSP 6622 (also ENGL 6622): Brown Scale: Competing Colonialisms and the Greater Antilles
LSP 6320 (also SPAN 6320; MUSICA 7320): Listening and Audio Culture
LSP 6570/6580 (also ENGL/ASRC 6570/6580): In the Break: Chicana/o and African American Lit & Performance
LSP 7352 (also MUSIC 7352): Listening from the Other Side: Issues in Music and Border Theory 

Group II: Social Sciences:

LSP 1105 (also SOC 1104): Race and Ethnicity in the United States
LSP 2072 (also HIST/LATA 2062; CRP 3850; ILRLR 3062): Migrant Workers in the Americas
LSP 2200 (also DSOC 2200): Sociology of Health & Ethnic Minorities
LSP 2152 (also GOVT 2152): (Im)migration and (Im)migrants: Then and Now
LSP 2721 (also ANTHR/AMST 2721): Ethnographies on Latino Culture
LSP 3065 (also ILRLR 3065): Immigrant America: Race & Immigration in Modern US Working-Class History
LSP 3068 (also ILRLR 3068): Organizing for Immigrant Worker Rights
LSP 3191 (also GOVT/AMST 3191): Racial & Ethnic Politics in the United States
LSP 3405 (also EDUC/AMST/ANTHR 3405): Multicultural Issues in Education 
LSP 3460/6460 (also ANTHR 3460/6460): Latino Language, Ideologies and Practices
LSP 3475/6424 (also ANTHR/AMST 3475/6424; LAW 7231): Ethnoracial Identity in Anthropology, Language, and Law
LSP 3762 (also ANTHR/AMST 3762): Law, Latin@s, "Illegality"
LSP 3777/6777 (also ANTHR/AMST 3777/6777): The United States
LSP 3800 (also HIST 3800; AMST 3830): Latinos in US History
LSP 4032 (also GOVT/AMST 4032): Immigration and Politics
LSP 4122 (also GOVT/AMST 4122): Immigrants in New Destinations: Settlement, Integration, Backlash
LSP 4283 (also GOVT 4283): Latino Politics as Racial Politics
LSP 4312/6312 (also ILR 4312/6312) Migration in the Américas: Engaged Research Methods and Practice


LSP 1101 (also ASRC 1900):  Research Strategies in Latino & Africana Studies
LSP 1301 (also MUSIC/LATA 1301): Introduction to World Music: Africa and the Americas
LSP 1800 (also HIST/AMST 1800): Immigration in U.S. History
LSP 2020 (also SPAN 2000): Spanish for Heritage Speakers
LSP 2212 (also ASRC 2212): Caribbean Worlds
LSP 2251 (also HIST 2251): U.S. Immigration Narratives
LSP 3061 (also HIST 3060): Modern Mexico: A Global History, 1810 - 2010
LSP 3400 (also ASRC 3400): Being & Becoming Black in the Atlantic World
LSP 3551 (also ARTH 3550; LATA 3680): Modern & Contemporary Latino/Latin American Art
LSP 3835/6835 (also ILRLR 3835/6835): Claiming Individual Worker Rights
LSP 4050/6050 (also HIST/LATA/AMST 4050/6050): US-Cuba Relations
LSP 4335 (also ILRIC 4335): Mexico: Politics, Economy, and Society
LSP 4851/6851 (also HIST/AMST 4851/6851): Refugees
LSP 6010 (also ILRIC 6010): Crossing Borders: Migration in Comparative Perspective
LSP 6101 (also GOVT 6101): Political Identity: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism
LSP 6454 (also GOVT 6454): The Politics of Immigration
LSP 6640 (also SPAN/LATA 6640; COML 6335; ASIAN 6633): Borderworks
LSP 6770 (also SPAN 6770): Hispanic Caribbean Rhythms and Aesthetics

Other courses in the elective category will be determined semester by semester and on a case by case basis.