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Community Engagement

LSP is committed to engagement, collaboration and partnerships with local communities on issues of relevance to Latinos/as in the United States. Utilizing our strengths in multidisciplinary scholarship and research and drawing on the outstanding academic and service endeavors of our students, we hope to join local and national efforts that contribute to justice and the well-being of all the diverse communities in which Latinos reside. In collaboration with the Cornell Public Service Center, Latino student organizations, the Cornell Farmworker Program, CULTURA, the local school district and various community organizations, we specifically focus our efforts on education in PreK-12, adult and community settings.  Our hope is to provide a forum where students, faculty and community members can help one another and  find relevant resources important to addressing the most pressing issues of our day - education, im/migration and community building through language and cultura.

Lending Library

The Latina/o Studies Program offers a resource lending library of more than 4,000 books and 350 films and documentaries on issues relating to Latinos in the United States.

The library has a growing collection of books, magazines, periodicals, newspaper clippings and films that explore art, literature, health, social science, history, education, scholarships/internships, course related materials and more. We also have a growing collection of children's books.

The library is open to the campus community and public, and we welcome you to contact us at if you'd like to arrange a tour or visit to the Latina/o Studies Library/Resource Center. (Tours must be arranged at least three weeks in advance)

Adult/Community Education

  • The primary goal of Friends of Farmworkers (FOF) is to tutor non-English speaking farmworkers. Students tutor farmworkers, directly fulfilling the purpose of the organization while developing inter-personal skills, an ability to interact with individuals from different cultures and self-confidence by teaching English to farmworkers. To prepare for the program, volunteers will receive 10 hours of ESL tainining. All tutors will be asked to participate in monthly meetings to help build community in the organization as well as foster a safe place for tutors to share their experiences.
  • The Latino Civic Association of Tompkins County offers services and events that keep our community in touch with the Latino/Hispanic Heritage. Many volunteers, sponsors and affiliates support the Association and keeps its vision alive.
  • ¡CULTURA!  The CULTURA program aims to provide and strives to foster and share Latina/o & Latin American culture with the Tompkins County community through free and low-cost arts and education programs. Community members and students bring events into the community and build connections to its exciting and diverse Latino roots, exploring different Latina/o cultures through storytelling, music, dance, art, theater and more. CULTURA Ithaca also provides programming that focuses on civic engagement and education on subjects such as finances, health, legal issues and more.
  • The Latino Studies Program Lending Library at Cornell University not only serves Cornell students, faculty and staff but also the wider local community and school districts. The library maintains print and media material pertinent to U.S. Latino issues, including a collection of books, journals and films pertaining to Latino/a Studies available for study, research and viewing. The resources are available to schools and teachers from the surrounding districts to sign out on a restricted loan basis. Please contact the the Latino Studies Program office at for further information.
  • The Cornell Campus Club offers English conversation classes to spouses and partners of international students and visiting  scholars. Classes are open to men and women. This is an informal service and provides no accreditation or support for visa applications. Learn more about English as a Second Language (ESL)

For K-12 Teachers

  • The Network of Teacher Activist Groups (TAG) is a national coalition of grassroots teacher organizing groups. Together, we engage in shared political education and relationship building in order to work for educational justice both nationally and in our local communities. TAG believes that education is essential to the preservation of civil and human rights and is a tool of human liberation.
  • The  LSP library is open to the campus community and general public, and we welcome you to contact us at or by calling (607)255-3197 if you'd like to arrange a tour or visit to the Latino Studies Library/Resource Center.(Tours must be arranged at least three weeks in advance)
  • Browse lesson plans by subject area or search by grade levels and keywords.Smithsonian lesson plans emphasize inquiry-based learning using primary sources and museum collections. Each plan is print-friendly and provides you with all the materials you need - photographs, reproductions, handouts, activities, suggested strategies, standards information and additional online resources.
  • The Smithsonian observes the federally mandated Heritage Months by hosting performances, films, discussions and many other events in Washington, D.C. In keeping with the spirit of Heritage Months, we offer these thematically arranged teaching resources from across the Smithsonian. The resources have been selected for their relevance to classroom curriculum and national education standards. Also visit the Resource Library to search for related publications and products.
  • National Latino Education Institute exists to enhance the quality of life for Latinos through educational, vocational and employment services, and advocacy, thus enabling the achievement of economic independence.
  • Latino Experience, Issues, and Resources: Welcome to the WISE website where we are working to improve schools and education. The purpose of this site is to provide anyone interested in improving U.S. schools with valuable information and resources about important issues in education and teaching.  
  • Teacher's Corner Looking for some help with a lesson plan? Looking for new and innovative teaching methods for improving your classroom learning experience? Then you've come to the right place. The Teacher's Corner offers a comprehensive directory of some of the top editor-reviewed and user-recommended teacher and educator resources on the Internet.