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Dear Graduates,

The faculty, students and staff of the Latina/o Studies Program and Latina/o Student Success Office send you on your way with mixed emotions. We are immensely proud that you have reached this significant benchmark in your life, we celebrate your achievements and we wish you the best in life. But you will be missed. We have been fortunate in the opportunity you gave us to become a part of your experiences and now, memories. And we have learned much from you and your efforts to honor, perpetuate and support the Latina/o presence at Cornell.

We encourage you, as you become alumni to keep in touch. You are now part of the Latina/o Studies Program history and tradition.

Best regards,
Latina/o Studies Program

Latina/o Studies Minor Graduates

Undergraduate Minors
• Francisca Aparo, Arts and Sciences, Sociology
• Kim Cardenas, Arts and Sciences, Government
• Selena Cardona, Arts and Sciences, Sociology
• Carlos Cortes, ILR, Industrial and Labor Relations (December)
• Susana Diaz, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Animal Science (December)
• Angie Estevez Prada, ILR, Industrial and Labor Relations
• Michelle Garcia, Arts and Sciences, History
• Jeremiah Grant, Arts and Sciences, Africana Studies
• Darling Gutierrez, ILR, Industrial and Labor Relations
• Paola Muñoz, Human Ecology, Human Development
• Jenil Rosario, School of Hotel Administration
• Jonathan Sanchez, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Development Sociology
• Albaro Tutasig, ILR, Industrial and Labor Relations
• Jocelyn Vega, Arts and Sciences, Government/Sociology

Graduate Minors
• David Cortez, Ph.D., Government

Undergraduate Minors
• Bonnie Acosta, Agriculture & Life Sciences, Atmospheric Science
• Yahaira Barrera, Arts and Sciences, Sociology
• Christina Gutierrez, Arts and Sciences, History
• Ben Hernandez, Engineering
• Isabel Macias, Arts and Sciences, Sociology
• Alejandra Rodriguez, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Nutritional Science
• Emily Taveras, Arts and Sciences, Sociology
• Jose Valle-Calderon, Arts and Sciences, Sociology
• Rafael Wilson, Arts and Sciences, Sociology

Undergraduate Minors
• Veronica Dagostino, ILR, Industrial & Labor Relations
• Rebeca Gallo Lazo, ILR, Industrial & Labor Relations
• Phoebe Houston, Arts & Sciences, American Studies
• Gabriela Leon, Arts & Sciences, English
• Desiree Luna, Arts & Sciences, Biological Science
• Brenda Martinez , Arts & Sciences, Anthropology
• Sarah Proo , Arts & Sciences, English
• Deborah Rose, Arts & Sciences, Spanish 

Graduate Minors
• Evelyn Ambriz, MPA, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA)
• Omar Figueredo, Ph.D., Hispanic Literature
• Elizabeth Phelps, Ph.D. , Anthropology

Undergraduate Minors
• Eamari Bell, Human Ecology, Human Development
• Ashley Elizondo, Arts & Sciences, Biological Science
• Elizabeth Ferrie, Arts & Sciences, Biological Science
• Caterina Ysabel Gutierrez, Human Ecology, Fiber Science & Apparel
• Stephanie Guzmán, Arts & Sciences, FGSS
• Cristina Amanda Lara, ILR, Industrial & Labor Relations
• Yamira Maldonado, Arts & Sciences, Biology & Society
• Carmen Isabel Martinez, ILR, Industrial & Labor Relations
• Stephanie Martinez, Arts & Sciences, Biological Science
• Katherine Rojas, Agriculture & Life Sciences, Development Sociology

Undergraduate Minors
• Camilo Jose Acosta, Arts & Sciences, Biological Science
• Angel Aleman, Arts & Sciences, Government
• Sophia Loren Angeles, Arts & Sciences, Psychology
• Max Samuel Blumenthal, Human Ecology, Biology & Society
• Andrew Marc Boryga, Arts & Sciences, English
• Marcela Gisele Cabello, Industrial & Labor Relations
• Gretel Corsa, Arts & Sciences, Anthropology (December)
• Maria Luisa Deno, Arts & Sciences, Psychology
• Karina Navarro Garcia. Arts & Sciences, History/Spanish
• Alex James Gonzales, Industrial & Labor Relations
• Syed Mohibul Hussain, Agriculture & Life Sciences, Nutritional Science
• Jose Oyola Morales, Arts & Sciences, Biological Science/Spanish
• Adrian Uriel Palma, Arts & Sciences, Asian Studies
• Jessica Guadalupe Perez, Arts & Sciences, Psychology
• Catherine Pimentel, Arts & Sciences, American Studies/Sociology
• Jean Carlos Polanco Lopez, Agriculture & Life Sciences, Communication
• Yizary Polanco, Agriculture & Life Science, Applied Economics

Graduate Minors
• Luis Martinez, Masters, Department of City & Regional Planning
• Melissa Lynn Rosario, Ph.D., Department of Anthropology

Undergraduate Minors
• Luz Aceves, Human Ecology, Nutritional Science
• Xochitl Cruz, Engineering, Civil Engineering
• Nancy De Leon, Human Ecology, Human Development
• Anne Escobedo, Human Ecology, Human Development
• Mayela Garay, Arts & Sciences, History/Spanish
• Meredith Gudesblatt, Arts & Sciences, College Scholar/Spanish
• Kevin Guerrero, Arts & Sciences, Government
• Amanda Maass, Agriculture & Life Sciences, Development Sociology
• Andrew Martinez, Arts & Sciences, Sociology
• Phoenix Paz, Arts & Sciences, History/Spanish
• Pedro Pedroza, Arts & Sciences, Spanish
• Jorge Silva, Arts & Sciences, Government/Theatre Arts
• Jennifer Wong, Architecture, Art & Planning, Fine Arts
• Stephanie Zimmerman, Agriculture & Life Sciences, Applied Economics

Graduate Minors 
• Nancy Morales, Masters, Human Rights and Social Justice/ Public Administration 
• Armando Garcia, Ph.D., Hispanic Literature                                

Latina/o Studies Minor Graduates (1995 - 2011)

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Latina/o tenured track faculty & academic professionals at Cornell University
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