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One of the focal points of the Latina/o Studies Program is its undergraduate minor available to all students in any college at Cornell. With a Latina/o Studies minor, you'll be able to explore the rich histories and contemporary life of Latino communities in the United States. You will learn about Latina/o political and labor participation, creative expression and literature, and issues of immigration, education, language and health. Faculty members from history, sociology, anthropology, literature, language, government, performance studies, music and more give you an opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary field of study of Latina/os in the U.S., with an emphasis on a transnational and comparative perspective.


The undergraduate minor is earned upon the completion of five courses (a minimum of 15 credits) in Latina/o Studies, including the required course, Latinos in the United States - LSP 2010 (cross listed with DSOC 2650, SOC 2650, AMST 2655), which is offered each spring semester, or, when offered, Introduction to Latina/o Studies - LSP 2100 (also AMST 2106). If you take both, the other will count towards the five course minimum. 

Students are required to include at least four additional Latina/o Studies courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences and must complete at least one course from each. Of the four courses, two must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.  One course from the LSP elective category can count towards the minor. 

For more information on which category a course falls in - i.e. Humanities, Social Science, elective, click here, or e-mail


It is suggested, but not required, that students who are interested in the minor file an application with the Latina/o Studies Program office by the beginning of their junior year.  Applications are available in the Latina/o Studies Program office, 434 Rockefeller Hall.

Please note: You do not have to enroll under LSP in order for the courses to be counted towards the minor - you can register under the cross-listed department. Courses must be completed with a letter grade of C or above. Independent Studies and Freshman Writing Seminars DO NOT count towards fulfilling minor requirements. Not all courses offered each semester/year. Please refer to the roster and listing in the LSP office or on our web site.

The LSP minor has been a journey of exploration of Jonathan’s communities' history and an affirmation of the importance of our existence in society. The Latinx experience in the United States is one full of struggles, yet the strength, hard work, and perseverance of our comunidad is what allows us to continue resisting. He would like to thank LSP for equipping him with the beautiful knowledge of our identities' beauty. 

Jonathan Alan Sanchez '18, Interdisciplinary Studies - Development Sociology Major and Latina/o Studies and Inequality Studies Minors

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Of Undergraduates Are Hispanic/Latino
Students Have Completed The Undergraduate Minor In Latina/o Studies Since 1995.

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