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Supplement your major, your Master's or Ph.D. with an interdisciplinary minor in Latina/o Studies that is open to undergraduates and graduates of all colleges at Cornell. Latina/o Studies offers a multi-disciplinary range of courses that enhance students’ understanding of Latinas/os in the United States ranging in topics from immigration, labor, politics, music and health to history, culture, law, education, performance and literature.

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We are a dynamic community of students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds

Latina/o Studies is dedicated to the study of the historical, linguistic, literary, social, economic, and political experiences of a vastly heterogeneous population in the United States, that today totals over 55 million people.  Officially founded in 1987 as the Hispanic American Studies Program, our name was changed to the Latina/o Studies Program in 1995.  We nurture familia, inquire into the important questions of the day, and through our courses and other intellectual activities—conferences, lectures, exhibits, dialogues, and other research initiatives and activities--learn how Latinas/os contribute to a greater understanding of the world, through the analysis of politics, migration histories, health, labor insertion, literature, and the arts.

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