The Latinx Student Success Office (LSSO) is a joint effort of the Latina/o Studies Program (LSP) and the College of Arts & Sciences Student Services. The College of Arts & Sciences is Cornell's largest college, and its Admissions and Advising office serves the greatest number of Latina/o students.

Latina/o Studies is an academic program based in Arts & Sciences but open to all students across the seven undergraduate colleges at Cornell. The welcoming environment offered by LSP makes it one of the “hotspots” on campus for Latina/o community, used extensively by undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, as well as student organizations.

LSSO grew out of a student and faculty vision to improve support and access to Cornell’s excellent educational resources for Latina/o students. Collaborations include the Latina/o Studies Program, Latino Living Center (residence hall), advising offices in all seven colleges, Gannett Health Services, the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, career services offices, the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives and more.

The Latinx Thrive! series offers opportunities for students to explore their potential and thrive at Cornell by developing life and learning skills for personal and professional growth. Considering study abroad, a summer internship, or graduate school someday? Watch for Latin@s Thrive!

Mi Comunidad/My Community is a mentoring program sponsored by the Latin@ Graduate Student Coalition (LGSC), Latina/o Studies Program (LSP) and Latinx Student Success Office (LSSO) at Cornell University. Read more about Mi Comunidad/My Community Mentorship Program.

The LSSO promotes:

  • A sense of community among Latinas/os – staff, faculty and students
  • A sense of belonging and engagement within the rich tapestry of Cornell life


  • To make Cornell a great home and alma mater for Latina/o students
  • To connect Latina/o students with Cornell opportunities and resources
  • To help students thrive in the Cornell academic, social and cultural environment as they develop life and learning skills for personal and professional growth

Bran Alves-Morgan

Advising Dean & Latinx Student Success Advisor                              
Latinx Student Success Office (LSSO)