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Latina/o Studies offers a multi-disciplinary range of courses that enhance students’ understanding of Latinas/os in the United States ranging in topics from immigration, labor, politics, music and health to history, culture, law, education, performance and literature. Course offerings are mostly drawn from history, sociology, anthropology, government, literature and performance studies, among others, but the program also cross list courses from other colleges.

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Fall 2022 Featured Course:

Latinx Education Across the Americas – LSP 4790/7790 (also ANTHR 4790/7790).

This course examines Latinx education in comparative perspective, with a focus on transnational communities and cross-border movements that link Latinx education in the United States with Latin American education. We ask: how do legacies of colonialism and empire shape the education of Latinx communities? How are race, language, gender, cultural and national identity, and representation negotiated in schools? Drawing on ethnographic studies of education in and out of school, we explore how families and youths create knowledge, do literacy, and respond to cultural diversity, displacement, migration, and inequality. Throughout, we inquire into the potential for a decolonial and transformative education. Instructor: Sofia Villenas. F 11:20 – 1:15. 4 credits. This course fulfills Social Science distribution for the LSP undergraduate minor.

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President Martha Pollack with Latina/o Studies students

Fridays with Faculty Seminar

Originated in 2004 and currently supported by the College of Arts & Sciences, the Latina/o Studies Program Fridays with Faculty seminar offers an opportunity for Latina/o and non-Latina/o students of all levels and disciplines to meet faculty and administrators from across the university for informal conversation and lunch. The program features speakers with some connection to Latina/o Studies or the Latina/o experience at Cornell and provides a significant alternative academic component for the LSP community. The seminar also serves as a cornerstone retention program as it builds connections and sense of belonging among undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty, and increases students' use of Cornell's academic resources

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