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Latina/o Studies offers a multi-disciplinary range of courses that enhance students’ understanding of Latinas/os in the United States ranging in topics from immigration, labor, politics, music and health to history, culture, law, education, performance and literature. Course offerings are mostly drawn from history, sociology, anthropology, government, literature and performance studies, among others, but the program also cross list courses from other colleges.                                             

Latina/o Studies Program Fridays with Faculty Seminar

Originated in 2004 and currently supported by the College of Arts & Sciences, the Latina/o Studies Program Fridays with Faculty seminar offers an opportunity for Latina/o and non-Latina/o students of all levels and disciplines to meet faculty and administrators from across the university for informal conversation and lunch. The program features speakers with some connection to Latina/o Studies or the Latina/o experience at Cornell and provides a significant alternative academic component for the LSP community.  The seminar also serves as a cornerstone retention program as it builds connections and sense of belonging among undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty, and increases students' use of Cornell's academic resources. Spring 2021 seminar series.

"These Friday lunch seminars provide one of the few spaces that exist where faculty and students - from all schools and all majors - can come together, eat, and have truthful conversations on a variety of topics."

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Spring 2021 Featured Course: LSP/FGSS/SPAN 2460 Contemporary Narratives by Latina Writers

This course will provide an introduction to some of the most important fictional work by US Latina writers, including essays, short stories, novel, and theatre and performance, with a particular focus on social justice, gender advocacy work, and work by Afro Latinx writers.  We will begin with discussion of canonical figures like Gloria Anzaldúa and Cherríe Moraga, to provide a basis for our focus on more recent writers, including Latinx writers associated with Cornell University.  Students are asked to be regular, active members of the in-class discussions, write short responses to each module, and one longer paper or creative work.

Instructor: Debra Castillo • Tuesday/Thursday 9:40 - 10:55 • 3 credits