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The Latino Living Center, a residential program house, provides students from many cultural backgrounds a safe and supportive environment where Latina/o cultures and worldviews are valued.  Founded in 1994, LLC is located on north campus in Anna Comstock Hall across from Risley Residential College and a short walk from Robert Purcell Community Center. 

Latino Living Center's 55 residents represent a wide variety of heritages and backgrounds, but all share a common interest in Latino/a culture, history and current events. Their appreciation for the values of Latina/o heritage includes respect for individuals, dedication to education, commitment to community and the importance of family.

LLC truly is more than just a place to live. It quickly becomes a home, with all the comforts provided by a strong, familial environment. That is the Latino way!

The Café con Leche discussion series, community dinners, Latino Heritage month events and more are traditional LLC events. In addition, dances, movie nights, faculty dinners and various celebrations, including the Bienvenidos BBQ, Dia de los Muertos and Day Hall Takeover commemoration are scattered throughout the year.

Café con Leche Series

The Latino Living Center's Café con Leche series allows students, student organizations, programs and departments to present a topic and engage in conversation and dialogues with members of the Cornell community. The topics of Café con Leches range from issues affecting Latinos and other racial, ethnic and cultural communities in topics ranging from policy, media, education, identity, health and more. 

Most events take place on Friday at 6:30 pm. Please check for time changes and registration details.

August 27 Latinx at Cornell 4:30 pm.
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September 03 Bienvenidos BBQ 6:00 pm

September 10 First Year & Transfer Student Social.
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September 17 LLC Alumni at Cornell.
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September 24 Grad School 101
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October 01 From Plants to Home Remedies
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October 15 DACA, TPS, & the Undocumented Community.
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October 22 Cornell Farmworker Program.
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October 29  Día de los Muertos
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Meeting ID: 996 5166 2139
Passcode: cafe

November 05 An evening with Yosimar Reyes.
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November 12 Masculinity in the Latinx Community.
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November 19 Day Hall Take Over.
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December 03 Wild Card

Café Con Leche Discussion Series Poster