Juliana Garcia joins Cornell Health as Latinx Community Liaison

Latina/o Studies welcomes Juliana Garcia as community liaison for Latinx students and Mental Health Counselor in counseling and psychological services at Cornell Health.

As a Cornell alumna, graduating from the ILR school in 2014, she brings with her the ability to relate with Latinx undergraduates facing challenges she once navigated. Completing her Masters in Social Work at Binghamton University, Juliana returned to Cornell in 2022 working with students to help find the tools needed not to “just cope, but thrive". In her role as community liaison Juliana will serve as a conduit with the Latinx community, Latina/o Studies and Latinx Student Success Office.

Beginning Friday, November 11, 2022 Juliana will be holding "Let's Talk"  Rockefeller, a free walk-in service that offers informal, private consultation in a casual welcoming environment on the 4th floor Rockefeller Hall (431) from 1:30 - 3 pm.

With her strong passion for outreach and culturally affirming practices in counseling, Juliana’s work here at the university is a vital resource for the Latina/o community, and the Cornell community as a whole. We at the Latina/o Studies Program and Latinx Student Success Office extends a warm welcome to Juliana

Other "Let’s Talk" drop-in hours can be found here.


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