Latina/o Studies offers a robust curriculum in Fall 2023

Discover Latina/o studies Fall 2023 course offerings

Latina/o Studies Fall 2023 course offerings and roster.

For the 2023 Fall semester, Latina/o Studies offers a range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. With such a robust curriculum, you have the opportunity to explore and learn about history, communities, literature, immigration, as well as cultural identity, migration, language, and more.

Students have the option of choosing from a selection of three different introductory courses as the required course for the minor. Students are welcome to create a selection of courses that would best suit their interests but must take at least one of these introductory courses:

• LSP 2100 Introduction to Latina/o/x Studies (crosslisted with AMST 2106)
• LSP 1802 Introduction to Latinos in US History (crosslisted with HIST 1802, AMST 1802)
• LSP 2720 Introduction to Latina/o/x Performance (crosslisted with PMA 2720)

If you have questions about Latina/o Studies courses, or the resources the program provides, we invite you to visit the 4th Floor of Rockefeller Hall or email Marti at

A path to a Latina/o Studies minor is easy with only five courses required.

One of the focal points of the Latina/o Studies Program is its undergraduate minor, available to all students in any college at Cornell. With a minor, you'll be able to explore the rich histories and contemporary life of Latino communities in the United States. You will learn about Latina/o political and labor participation, creative expression and literature, and issues of immigration, education, language, health, and more.

It's never too late to register for the undergraduate minor. Stop by Latina/o Studies to register and to have your record reviewed for courses you have completed that count toward the minor. 

A home away from home!

Our doors are always open. Our space, located on the fourth floor of Rockefeller Hall, serves as the hub for Latina/o students and student organizations and provides a wide range of resources, including a robust curriculum, academic & social support and counseling, academic advising, library and study space, meeting space complete with built-in projection and smart board, computer lab, printing, and friendly, welcoming support staff. We are a comunidad!

"... any person ... any study."

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