Newly Minted Graduate Makes History as First Self-Reported Latina to Attain Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.

Marysol Luna Ph.D. ’20 graduated from her five-year program in mechanical engineering in August. But it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago she discovered, through University records, that she was the first self-reported Latina to do so.

“As a first-generation student, who grew up in a low-income immigrant family, earning a Ph.D. was beyond my wildest dreams,” Luna wrote in a post on her LinkedIn shortly after finding out. “I am here to tell you that fighting for minorities and women in STEM makes a difference, and this is proof of that.”

Luna first became interested in STEM in middle school, when she would compete in science competitions. She ultimately fell in love with biomedical engineering after joining a lab, which studied cartilage and bone, at the University of Arizona. Read full story.

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Marysol Luna