Support Latinx Studies on Cornell's Giving Day

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"I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study."

On Cornell's Giving Day, March 16, 2023 we hope you will take a moment to reflect on the difference the Latina/o Studies Program and Latine Student Success Office has made in your life and consider the difference you can make in the lives of future LSP and LSSO students.

Latina/o Studies is committed to providing excellence in teaching and scholarship across disciplines at Cornell University. We pride ourselves on creating a friendly and supportive environment and providing space and resources for students interested in the study of Latina/os in the United States.

Here are some ways your gift to Cornell's Latina/o Studies will make a difference for our students:

  • New computers for its computer lab
  • Support undergraduate and graduate research grants
  • Sponsor guest speakers
  • Provide graduation stoles for our minors and a meaningful commencement celebration
  • Support LSSO's Latine Thrive series 

Here are some Latinx student reflections while at Cornell:

"The Latina/o Studies minor taught me not only about my own history, but the unique history of diverse groups of Latinx people across the United States."

"What I remember best from my Cornell experience are the Latinx community events, LLC bbq, Latinx Unity Dinners, Fridays with Faculty luncheon series. I found a family here within the Latinx community."

"The Latina/o Studies minor has meant learning about myself and my community through classes. I have had my best classes of my Cornell undergraduate studies from the LSP minor."

"The Latina/o Studies graduate minor allowed me to meet people who not only enriched the scope of my research but who became colleagues. I found amazing mentors and role models, whose interdisciplinary and engaged work inspired me. The minor gave me the opportunity to collaborate in community-based and socially-oriented projects with a diverse and vibrant body of faculty and students. The minor has encouraged and helped me to become a better teacher and scholar."


Make a gift to the Latina/o Studies Program March 16, 2023.

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