LSSO Advising

First and foremost, LSSO is an advising office. Students can bring any academic and personal concerns and have them addressed confidentially and respectfully. The LSSO Advisor and student work together to figure out where to go and with whom to talk, and can often solve problems right on the spot. For example, the Advisor can help students figure out how to address a problem with a professor.

The LSSO Advisor

  • Offers holistic advising to support students’ academic, personal and professional growth.
  • Connects students with opportunities and resources such as research, scholarships, study abroad and career services.
  • Promotes student engagement with faculty. Encourages mentoring connections among faculty, graduates and undergraduates.
  • Reaches out to students experiencing academic or other difficulty, and helps students find support.
  • Maintains a community presence, and works with student leaders to identify and address community concerns.

For appointments, please email:

Do you need help planning your academics? Come to Rockefeller Hall  4th floor during drop-in hours with Simon Velasquez, LSSO Advisor/Advising Dean:

In-Person Wednesdays and Fridays
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
438 Rockefeller Hall

Simon Velasquez
Advising Dean & Latinx Student Success Advisor                              
Latine Student Success Office (LSSO)/Arts & Sciences Student Services